Tulasara skin care

Tulasara is your new best friend, it is a daily ritual of facial dry brushing followed by our oleation oil and then a concentrate to suit your skin, which instantly melts away any facial tension. This simple 3-step system leaves your skin well hydrated and full of moisture.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a technique that gently lifts dry and dull cells from skins surface. While doing that it also preps the skin, giving you a clean canvas to then add your oleation oil and concentrate.

  • Made with nylon bristles. which are rounded perfectly to reach every facial contour.
  • 100 % post-consumer recycled brush handle.

Oleation Oil

The second step of the awaking ritual is using our oleation oil which is traditionally made to draw out impurities from the body, this is a stimulating facial massage. Expertly balanced with 5 plant oils.

  1. Sunflower seed oil – Helps strengthen your skin.
  2. Sweet almond oil –  Adds a soft touch for delicate skin.
  3. Jojoba seed oil – Gives a luxurious feel.
  4. Sesame seed oil –  Known for balancing and nourishing skins paws.
  5. Rose hip oil – Helps preserve moisture barrier.

                                      Which Concentrate is best for you?

Firm                                                                                                                                             Visibly lift and firm your skin, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with our potent which is 97% naturally derived.

Bright                                                                                                                                           Helps reduce discoloration and evens the look of skin tone using liquorice root extract, while reducing the appearance of dark spots over time.

Calm                                                                                                                                         Instantly soothe your skin and help it become less irritated using pomegranate fruit extract, also helping diminish visible redness and irritation over time. Great for sensitive skin.


Come into The Source Hairdressing for a free skin consultation and to experience the awaking ritual, and we will help you choose which concentrate is best for you and your skin.