Birthday Month Specials

For the month of September celebrating The Source’s 5th Birthday, purchase The Source Tea Pot and recieve our Wholeness Tea absolutely FREE!


Is there a more beautiful, calming colour than the deep amber of a fresh brew of tea?

Such a lovely colour should be put on show, which is why Dutch/Bavarian design firm Leopold Vienna have created this stunning glass teapot with a pristine stainless steel filter – specially designed with optimal sized micro-holes for the perfect, pure infusion.

Apart from the filter, the entire teapot is made of glass from the handle to the spout, so you can sit back and watch as the whorls of amber tea mix and meld within the glass structure. Your friends will be so impressed, and it will add a real sense of occasion to your tea-time, in fact, you’ll never

want to hide your tea in a ceramic teapot again!

Let your tea steal the show, with Leopold Vienna’s Glass Teapot.


  • Designed in the Netherlands.
  • Made from glass and stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel filter component is dishwasher safe.

Hand wash recommended for glass teapot.