Split end Repair

Our brand new Split end Repair instantly seals your split ends with the power of Nangai oil which helps attract separated ends back together, while Filling in damaged cuticles with Quinoa protein.

Use the complete damage remedy system to help protect your hair from the 4 types of damage: environmental, heat, chemical and physical.

Environmental Damage : shampoo gently washes away pollutants.

Chemical Damage : Intensive mask treatment repairs damaged and chemically treated hair deeply, and protects your hair agenised future damage.

Heat Damage : Daily hair repair instantly repairs and helps protect agenised heat styling tools – up to 232c

Physical Damage :  conditioner / Split end repair helps detangle, prevent further breakage and helps your hair last until the next wash.

To use this product apply a small amount to the hands and mould into the ends of dry styled hair. When you have beautiful ends, you have endless styling possibilities.