Stress-fix composition oil

Excellent as an all-over body, massage and scalp oil.

  • Neck, Shoulders & Back – Massage into tense muscles using squeezing motions.
  • Total body – Add a few drops of nourishing oil into your bath and enjoy the stress-relieving aroma as it fills the space around you.
  • Hands & Feet – Massage in composition oil at the end of the day to soften dry skin and soothe the stressed hands and feet.
  • Head – Massage scalp before shampooing to nourish it and help relieve tension.

Soaking salts

Wash away your stress with our soaking salts,  enriched with nourishing certified organic sunflower and babassu oils.

  • Aroma proven to reduce feelings of stress with certified organic lavender and clary sage from the French Alps.
  • Gently cleanses and softens skin.
  • Nourishes stressed skin with certified organic sunflower and babassu oils.
  • 99% naturally derived.